Theatre Delicatessen is an extremely energetic and pro-active organisation. Their presence at 35 Marylebone High Street has certainly brought something quite unique to the area. We would be very happy to work with them in the future
— Simon Baynham, Property Director, Howard de Walden Estate

Business rates on empty buildings cost commercial property owners £1 billion each year. Theatre Delicatessen offers competitive and safe meanwhile usage that will help you save on rates, building management and maintenance, and brings a unique cultural brand presence to your development. 

Supported by the GLA and local authorities, we've partnered with some of Britain's largest property companies transforming empty spaces into vibrant "pop-up" cultural hubs, and can take on buildings for as little as 6 weeks. We are urgently looking for new partnerships and projects. If you have an empty building and are interested in making savings on your business rates and building management costs, we'd love to hear from you.