Theatre Delicatessen aims to stay right at the cutting-edge of culture. This means being innovative ourselves, supporting innovation in those we work with and staying connected with innovations in other industries. 

We've always tried to provide something different - different spaces, different kinds of performance, different resources and a different kind of charity. We think more like a start up than a traditional arts organisation. 

Innovative Performance and Art

Over the last decade new forms of breathtaking theatre and performance have exploded in popularity.

Whether it be PunchDrunk’s expansive performance worlds, the stunning commercial success of Secret Cinema or the individual experiences created by a myriad of artists exploring audio landscapes, immersive theatrical experiences are now an important part of the cultural landscape.

Artists are waking up to the power of technology, not only to realise better their imaginations and raise production standards of their work, but to produce even more incredible experiences for audiences.

In response to this, Theatre Delicatessen continues to build our technological infrastructure to give artists and creatives access to new tools including virtual reality, augmented reality, and sound technology.

These tools dramatically expand what artists can do within immersive and interactive art and performance. 


Developing Artists for the Future

The challenge is how artists at the beginning of their career, who want to create work in non-theatre performance spaces, can build their experience and practice.

Theatre Delicatessen meets this challenge by providing:

  • Studios, workshops and resources for theatremakers to develop new performances
  • The environment for artists at the start of their careers to learn from and create partnerships with experts and established artists
  • A space where academics, commercial technology pioneers and artists can come together to share and develop ideas
  • A launchpad, showcase and information point for international connections

By creating the shared resources, and working with inspirational artists, academics and entrepreneurs we can facilitate the collaborations that will change our cultural landscape forever.

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Leading-Edge Training

Alongside access to new tools, Theatre Delicatessen provides rigorous training that develops and supports the next generation of incredible talent, and helps artists create sustainable and meaningful careers.

This rolling programme of activity is delivered in collaboration withestablished artists working at the cutting edge of performance practice.

Programmes include:

Departure Point A three-month structural development programme that empowers artists with the knowledge and skills they need to make their ideas a reality - whether it be experience of production, budgeting, fundraising or marketing.

Theatre Souk Theatre Delicatessen’s groundbreaking festival of the immersive and experimental, offering artists a structured development scheme that culminates in a 3 week pop-up performance market place

Forge North Focussed on supporting the development of artists working in Sheffield and Yorkshire and working with London venues to stage their work, raising the profile of regional artists and providing opportunities to reach new audiences

Our objective is that this extended skill set will provide theatremakers with the foundation of asustainable, self-sufficient and long-lasting career within the arts.