Theatre delicatessen have transformed our working lives. We cannot emphasis enough how important it has been for us to have a place here feeling like we are part of the wider artistic community, having a place to rehearse and make, being able to network, meeting young and exciting artists and seeing their work and being inspired.
— Louise Mari, Founder Member of Shunt

Theatre Delicatessen takes an entrepreneurial approach to our business, and have been recognised as leading-edge innovators in the arts and cultural industries. 

At the core of this is our collaborations with Britain's leading property developers to create 'pop-up' cultural hubs.

These hubs host a vast range of artistic and creative activity from large-scale promenade performances and immersive restaurant experiences to creative workspace and artist studios. They are spaces for artists, audiences and the community to collide and create art. 

The business is made up of a diverse set of streams: performance, bar, cafe, creative workspace, rehearsal rooms, studios, and a portfolio of training programmes. 

We don't use any public money or government funding to support our business. 

Theatre Delicatessen's Project Model 


London needs to halt the growing exodus of its artistic talent… We cannot have a strong arts sector without studios, rehearsal space and performance venues…
— Munira Mirza, London’s Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture

Every bit of income made is driven back into the business, going towards our artist development programmes, subsidising rehearsal and performance space, community events and large-scale performance.  

We call it the loop model, where a percentage of income from one business stream, loops around to fund our charitable activities in other parts of the business. We are not reliant on one source of income, and this creates a fluid, sustainable business model that scales up and down with ease.