Unlike the majority of charities offering rates relief on empty buildings, Theatre Delicatessen utilises entire buildings for our own charitable purposes and use the income we make to drive these.

We exist to support theatremakers in the realisation of their work and the development of their practice. 

We acheive this by: 

  1. Working with property owners and developers to establish ‘pop-up’ creative hubs in empty buildings
  2. Creating artistic communities where artists at every stage of their career can come to work, perform and collaborate
  3. Supporting early-career theatremakers through a number of artist development initiatives and residencies
  4. Commissioning programmes of performance that introduce new audiences to the work of emerging artists
  5. Staging large scale experiential and immersive performances in co-production with cutting edge theatremakers

Our focus is supporting the artist in the development their work, not in defining what that work should be.

We don’t have a single artistic voice. We are a chorus of theatremakers who believe that through working together, creating a supportive community, offering guidance and sharing our resources we can help each other create amazing, breathtaking and groundbreaking performance.


Be experimental

We are excited by different ways of doing things, the non-traditional, and the new. We aim to support people to explore, participate and take creative and artistic risks, and create environments where it’s as joyful to fail as it is to succeed.

Holistic Support

We believe that people really thrive when they have access to a support system that recognises all their needs. We believe the creation of sustainable careers for artists is most effective when we support both the artist and the art during all stages of development.  

Long-term impact

We strive to have a life-long impact on the people we work with. We are interested in building skills that create sustainable artistic practice, lasting partnerships and equip people with the ability to respond to a changing world with deep sense of confidence and identity.  

Culture is core

We believe culture should be interwoven into the fabric of every community. As a cultural organisation we recognise we are responsible for advocating art as a means of . We are committed to responding to and prioritising local cultural needs.

Space for Everyone

We believe cultural spaces should be inviting, accessible and open to all.  We strive to build partnerships around us that widen the accessibility to our activities.

Be Open

We want to be open-mindedness and keep an open door. We believe we are at our most effective and creative if we are adaptable, flexible and versatile. We are committed to maintaining a peripheral vision and paying attention to the edges, recognising this as a fertile breeding ground for innovation, originality and risk-taking work.

Social Entrepreneurship

Being creative in order to spot opportunities for ourselves and the people we work with that others don’t see. We seek out innovative partnerships and networks that open doors that may appear closed.