Community has always been at the heart of Theatre Delicatessen. Our meanwhile projects are set up to support the local community. We believe that cultural spaces can transform an area, empowering the community by providing access to a range of creative resources. We work in partnership with other charitable organisations and non-profits to ensure that our impact is far-reaching and our spaces are accessible to all. 

With place-making and space activation becoming increasingly important in building development, Theatre Delicatessen is uniquely placed to help developers and councils bring spaces to life. 

Theatre Delicatessen has made a real difference to the cultural landscape of Sheffield, acting as a catalyst and incubator to performance and visual artists in the region as well as integrating with the many multi cultural groups and communities. It has provided a platform for smaller voices to be seen and heard and attracted a broader demographic to its current home on The Moor, as this city centre retail and leisure is being redeveloped. Their enthusiasm and professionalism, and open door approach has been embraced by the city
— Surriya Falconer, Director/Owner of Falconer Associates, Chair of Year of Making Sheffield 2016 Advisory Group, Board member of Yorkshire Artspace & Sheffield Theatres


Interactive and participatory artforms are an excellent way to engage with local communities. 

Our artists specialise in creating work that's both by and for the local community. These have included an award-winning virtual reality project about the history of the local area and a promenade production that was created using stories of a city. 

We also work with local organisations to provide arts activities to vulnerable groups who wouldn't otherwise have access to the arts. These have included local branches of Crisis, Age UK and Refugee UK.